Saturday, December 23, 2017

Media in Withdrawal- 2017 AND IT'S BAD

DT gives them the DT's 
By Chuck Marshall 

     This year, 2017 has been a shocker for all of us.   Donald Trump was sworn in as  president of the United States and although I voted for Gary Johnson, I must admit having a certain glee in watching the MSM (mainstream media) go into hyperventilation over the election of DT.  They simply CANNOT get over it.

     I have a theory regarding all this.  I believe, think and feel that the MSM was so addicted to abusing Republican politicians, and Presidents in particular, that when DT became President they thought it would be bashing as usual.  After winning the coveted office,  they thought Trump would retreat into the White House and "become more presidential".  Their version of this for Republican Presidents is to  bend over and take it from the MSM and their superior way of looking at things.  When DT did not cooperate in this regard there was a significant amount of Delirium Tremons emanating from the gang at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc...  The consequence was a mass hysteria the likes of which I've never seen before in my entire 54 years.   Outrageous stories with gaping holes of logic.  Obvious opinions presented as facts.  A complete lack of consideration and even open disdain for any idea from the right.   A near total lack of logic and reason and a bankruptcy of ideals and morals.  The consequence is a disgraceful lack of journalistic values that should include searching for and revealing the truth.  Revealing the truth and following differing opinions is their purpose.  THEY are not the story, 'nor should they be.

         I do hope they get the help they need.  They should dry out, clear their heads, sharpen their pencils and consider the delights of looking for and writing about the truth of all matters,  regardless of their political slant.  A quote from Voltaire, the french philosopher that has always shined to me as crucial to democracy "I disapprove of what you say,  but I will defend to the death your right to say it".  The MSM is so attached to the left that they don't see issues with the clarity that is required.  Any opinions from  the right side of political thought in our country- most especially if the argument is a good one- are left out  completely.  This is a very serious problem right now.   To all the MSM I say;  Get off  your lazy asses and consider working for the American people in general, not the Democratic party in particular.  You'll feel much better for it.   For now, enjoy the holidays but beware that  I will be challenging your baloney stories in 2018 with great intensity.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sanctuary Cities Make for Arbitrary Justice

By Chuck Marshall

      Its been only in the last year or so that we've all become familiar with "Sanctuary Cities" as they refer to themselves.  Most readers are familiar with these places where illegal immigrants can go to hide from the federal government.  It's an interesting phenomenon in response to Donald Trump's utterances that all illegal immigrants should be shipped back to their home countries.

     I'm sort of excited at the prospect of "Sanctuary Cities" because I would imagine they are not only willing to take immigrants who broke the law but the rest of us as well.    My intention might now be to go ahead and evade my income taxes, commit fraud against my employer, defraud my insurance company, and while I'm at it maybe rob a bank !  Now there are no consequences because I can go hide in a sanctuary city or a sanctuary university so the bad men won't come get me.

     I jest, of course, but who decides what laws bring about "sanctuary" and which do not ?   If you're  going to hide those that break the law then who is empowered to wave their magic wand and "protect" those that are breaking the law.  Which people ?  Which laws ?   That's quite a bit of power you're giving civil servants that is not listed or outlined in the Constitution and is not sanctioned by the population in an election.  It's one thing to "not enforce" laws such as marijuana, etc... but it's quite a different thing when you are obstructing the law.  This seems like "common sense" to me.

     I have no idea what the solution is to  the masses of illegal immigrants we have in our country, but "In My Humble Opinion" sanctuary cities are violation of our constitution and an affront to our democracy,   These cities should receive the most severe consequences if they refuse to follow the laws set forth by the people otherwise we risk weakening all other laws as bureaucrats take it upon themselves to harbor those that break the law- whatever that law might be, perhaps laws that are troublesome to them personally ?     Invented justice as decided by individuals and governments and Universities and municipalities is not true justice, it is arbitrary nonsense and the individuals responsible  should be incarcerated for "aiding and abetting" or as an accessory to criminal behavior.

In My Humble Opinion

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Other Blog

Dear loyal readers,

     I have decided to restore my old title "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion" of which Marshall in the Middle is the new name.  I'm not removing "Marshall in the Middle"., I'm simply changing the name of "Journal of an American Malcontent" using my old title for MIM,  Why?   Well, for one thing this is my blog and I can do whatever I want.  Also, I've decided I really miss the title and I think it has legs.  This blog will include the same thing as "Marshall in the Middle" but if there's something going on that's not political then I want to address it.  In other words, I don't want to be hung up on politics all the time., and everyone should know my opinion on other topics .....why deny them ?

Your American spokesperson for logic and rationality in this, our "Age of Incompetence"

Chuck Marshall

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Identify as a Rich White Man

Image result for rachel dolezal

Recently there has been a lot of controversy over the head of the NAACP - their Spokane, WA branch (I guess you call them branches?).  Her name is Rachel Dolezal., and she has been keeping a dark secret.   To explain briefly to my less informed readers (ignorance is bliss, so I don't blame you!) Here's what's going on;   This lady (she does identify as a woman- just to be clear on that part) was recently fired from her position as the head of the Spokane, WA NAACP, er.. branch.  Her crime?  She was claiming to be black but she's actually a closeted white person.  What ?  I've included a picture of her above so all my loyal readers can see what all the fuss is about.  The picture on the left is her  as a child and on the right as a fully evolved African American woman you see on the right.   What's even more shocking ?  She was outed by her parents- who ALSO are white ?   What?  Yes, it turns out that she has had these feelings since she was 5 years old and is now telling the world about them.  That's quite a secret she's been hiding from everybody !  Anyway, she went on Good Morning America and got it all off her chest so now I think we need to understand her predicament and show some humanity.  (By the way she told Matt Lauer that she has been treated "inhumanely" -through all this controversy - I guess especially by her adopted brothers and sisters in the African American community, but not sure about that.  Anyway, she has been treated "inhumanely")

At the core of all this is what Rachel told Matt Lauer, when he asked her in his usual overly dramatic tone;  "are you an African American woman?"., she replied that she "identified" as one.  So.... ergo my title.   Since Bruce Jenner can identify as a woman and then become one and Rachel Dolezal can identify as a black woman and then become one... I've decided that I no longer identify with my middle class financial status.  All my life I've felt like something is wrong with me.  I'm not in the right situation, I struggle with money and that just doesn't feel right.  Something is terribly wrong.  Now I realize, I identify as a Rich White Man !   Now after all these years I can come to terms with my true identify, who I truly am.   If my readers and/ or the media can pick up on this and quickly notify my bank about my confusion then I would appreciate it.  Hurry  !  (You can email me at for my bank account number.)   The good news is I don't identify as a Rich Black Woman so I think me ratcheting down the complexity of my request makes it much more doable.  I only want to change the financial part., far easier than the other two !  I would also appreciate a good counselor I can speak with to  guide me through this transition, one who can hold my hand, help me come to terms with the horror I've been living as a middle class American and maybe also assist with choosing  the best stock and bond portfolio.   I'm getting all sweaty just thinking back and realizing from my youth.... even on the potty, I remember my Mom giving me store brand toilet paper... I wanted Scotts  !   Struggling with money is just not me !   I think its taken a lot of courage and self -reflection for me  to come to this conclusion.  I have to stop writing now because I'm getting my computer all wet with the tears of joy and sadness as I move forward in my transition.  One final thing though, is Kenneth Cole still chic or is that the remnants of my bourgeoisie upbringing?

 Have a Nice Day   :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celebrity Greed

I've got a beef.

Recently I noticed  that Oprah Winfrey (Queen Midas- everything she touches turns to gold) was doing a sponsorship with Starbucks.  I walked into my local Starbucks much like we all do, and there's her name "Oprah" all over everything.  It irritated me so much I don't even remember exactly how she tied into Starbucks.  I think it's a line of "Oprah" inspired coffee or something?  Who knows.  So, my beef is this... Why does she need to be doing that?  Hasn't she made enough money?  The rich get richer and Oprah gets richest.  Give someone else a chance to make money off of coffee sponsorship.  Maybe grab a little known Coffee expert and plaster their name all over everything making them rich. Spread it around a little !

Mind you, I have nothing against Oprah herself.  I think she's fine and dandy and generous and all that.   What I do have a problem with is what would appear to be a bottomless pit of greed that she still hasn't got enough.  It's not just Oprah, of course.  This has been going on for a long time in different genres it's just that Oprah and coffee are the most exaggerated example... What has she to do with coffee?  I get Paula Dean and cooking items (but don't show me her face on towels or sheets, please) or female actresses for makeup (but your own line of perfume is going a bit far) or Nascar drivers for motor oil (not aspirin !)   These things make sense.... but Coffee and Oprah?   Please explain.

Anyway, so I'm going to start a list in this blog as I come across other examples of irritating Celebrity  avarice.  I'll call it Celebrity Greed., but will add "rolls it's ahead once again".   FYI.

Coffee Tasting Champ  - That makes sense.

Monday, January 27, 2014

What is their purpose ?

I have had several letters published in the Orlando Sentinel over the last few years.  Usually they are political., but the most recent is more business oriented... so, here it is, published on the Opinion page January 23, 2014.  The comments are regarding a series of articles talking about Darden (the largest corporation headquartered in Orlando- owner of many different restaurant chains for those who are so inclined to learn such things).  The theme is that they are considering "spinning off" Red Lobster and the Olive Garden to become more profitable according to some large new share holding interest.  I don't pretend to understand the high finance behind it., but it's annoying nevertheless.  Everybody wants to make a fast buck by not really doing anything.  It sucks.

"Taking Stock of Darden"

Regarding the investment groups encouraging the spinning off of Red Lobster and Olive Garden for Darden.  I have no doubt that the stock price of Darden will go up due to these strategies for the company (whichever maneuver they choose), but I wonder then what will be the purpose of Darden itself?  Do they exist to simply make money and become more "valuable" on the NYSE?  Many American corporations have declined to the point of operating at the direction of finance wizards with their "leverages", "buyouts", "spinoffs" and they have forgotten why it is they're in business.   If I may be so bold as to suggest to Darden;  pay attention to what you're serving the public and how you treat your employees and ignore the yammering of financiers.  Ultimately the value of your stock will go up even more because you're offer something the public wants.  Isn't that what it's all about ?      

Charles E. Marshall

So, take that Wall Street.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

L'âge de l'incompétence

There was a great article in today's paper by local opinion columnist, Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel.  In the article he elaborates how the state government is fighting the federal courts to be allowed to ban a Doctor from advising his or her patients on the dangers of guns.  The column was very effective in communicating the question;   "Are they all just plain dumb?".  First of all, I have never had a Doctor mention anything remotely close to how I handle guns in my home.   That would be, in my humble opinion, a very odd conversation;

 "So, Mr. Marshall are you careful with guns in your house at this point because I see you have younger children that might be inclined to grab your guns and fire them in an inappropriate way- like towards each other or themselves ?"  "Well, Doc... I am very careful with my guns, thank you very much,  but thanks for advising on that point.  I'm also very careful to look both ways before crossing the street when my little ones are in tow and I have forbid them from playing in traffic".

That's just weird.  So, anyway, our genius state government wants it to be illegal for such an oddball conversation.  They have already made fools of themselves regarding the law which was shot down by the courts as totally unconstitutional, but now they've gone so far as to spend $97,000 in legal fees to fight the federal courts over this same issue.  Our local schools are not busing students that live closer to their school than 2 miles because of budget cuts, but our wonderful leaders in Tallahassee make sure the citizens of Florida are solidly behind banning personal conversations between Doctors and their patients.

In a previous blog I elaborated on what our times might be called, and I think I've decided.  I vote for "The Age of Incompetence" or say it in French and it sounds even better  "L'âge de l'incompétence".  Say it  with scorn and arrogance the way a Frenchman would and just as our leaders deserve.  One for the history books, folks.

In My Humble Opinion.

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