Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30, 2013 A Change of Pace for this Blog

Dear loyal reader,

I normally write a blog called  "Marshall in the Middle" (formerly known as Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion), but I've decided to start working on this blog because I'm sick of politics and I'm sick of hearing myself talk about politics... er, write about politics.    That doesn't mean I won't still write in "Marshall in the Middle" but it  does mean I'm going to lighten up and write more fun stuff.  Don't worry loyal readers, I'm still going to be generally annoyed and cranky, but regarding more benign issues such as movies or the activities of my family or things about the modern world that bug me.  In other words, I'll never run out of material.  

I may start offering up specific topics on this blog because sometimes I'm in the mood for a series of topics.  I have an idea for a series called "How to get rich without doing squat", but I don't want to start a whole new blog just for that.   I'll  call these topics flavor of the day" topics so as you flip through the book that this will eventually be, you can quickly flip over to your favorite topic and savor my everyday wisdom. 

Also, since I only write Marshall in the Middle a few times a month, this might be an opportunity for you, loyal reader to indulge in my witticisms with more regular frequency lest you go through Chuck Marshall withdrawal.   In addition, I'll probably add Marshall  in the Middle editions in to this blog so I have one place for all my work (and also, I admit so I don't have to write two blogs in a given day).  Marshall in the Middle fits into Journal of an American Malcontent well because it tends to be cranky too.  

Have a good day.  

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